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"We are the sum of our habits. Make yours kick ass."


The story is really a simple one. Since 2000, I have been researching, implementing, re-evaluating, and adjusting my lifestyle habits with the directed focus of creating the happiest; most healthy version of myself possible. After a series foundation rocking experiences, what I call dust-offs, I decided that all of my accumulated knowledge and lifestyle habit formation was not doing its highest good residing solely within me. So, I formed Revolution After Dust-off, LLC to encompass the education that would then become a major player in shifting the mindset, understanding, and thus health of the country whose ideals I have offered my life in combat.

RAD|life clinic has come into being to provide the "Done For Me" service that so many people want / need. We're not here to live your life for you, but bring us your problems and we will deliver an actionable plan to turn it all around. Combining the very best in physical medicine and lifestyle education, RAD|life clinic is your spot for getting back into the game... and then kicking some ass. 

Dr. Dan Cooper
Dan Cooper, D.C.

Founder & CEO

Dr. Cooper is the creator of all RAD programs & protocols. His history as a semi-pro athlete and combat infantryman may have shaped his drive for optimizing performance but his being an avid researcher and nature lover has shaped his paradigm of holistic health that runs through all RAD programs & protocols. Through a series of "Dust-offs", Dr. Cooper was motivated to bring his nearly two decades of directed research into human performance, epigenetics, and functional nutrition to you in RAD|life clinic. 

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Jimmy Ray

Chief Motivation Officer

Jimmy, also known as Jim Jam or The James, excels at role modeling the primal lifestyle tenets. He utilizes his powers of persuasion to encourage a high volume of low intensity exercise in natural environments intermixed with explosive bouts of sprinting and agility work, typically in the presence of cats, deer, and raccoons. Additionally, he demonstrates optimal recovery practices with ample sleep, sunbathing, and maintaining a very relaxed demeanor. 

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